Abdelkrim Benchaib Conference General Chairman

EPE’20 ECCE Europe

It is a pleasure to announce that the 22nd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications will take place in Lyon, France, from the 7th to the 11th of September 2020. It is a great honour to welcome you to the city that is home not only to the headquarters of SuperGrid Institute, this year’s event organiser, but also to André Marie Ampère, one of the fathers of Electromagnetism.

Located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Lyon’s central-European location and its excellent transport links make it the perfect host city for international events. Situated at the convergence of two great rivers, Lyon is known for its historical and architectural landmarks such as the charming old town which is 2,000 years old and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known worldwide for its rich gastronomy, Lyon boasts more than 2000 restaurants and 20 Michelin-starred chefs. A creative city rich in the fields of fashion, the arts and culture, Lyon is also an important landmark in the history of cinema thanks to the Lumière brothers who invented the cinematography here in Lyon.

The Region is also a hub of world-class academic excellence; the area’s higher education organisations offer a wide variety of university diplomas in multiple scientific fields. For example, the Université de Lyon stands out particularly because of its alliance of public universities, grandes écoles (prestigious higher-education institutions with competitive entrance exams) and research institutions.

Lyon is a major French industrial city and as such it has all the resources necessary to become a capital of future industry. Greater Lyon is a technological breeding ground where the job market will continue to flourish thanks to its dynamic economy and diverse range of activities.

Within this dynamic environment, SuperGrid Institute an ITE (Institute for Energy Transition) specialising in innovating technologies and services for HVDC supergrids was founded in 2014. It is hosting the EPE ECCE Europe Lyon 2020 conference in collaboration with the Ampere (Lyon), GE2Lab (Grenoble) and L2S (Paris) laboratories. The main event will take place in the Centre de Congrès de Lyon, a conference centre in the very heart of the Cité Internationale district, next to the famous Tête d’Or Park. The Gala dinner will be hosted at the Hameau Dubœuf, the biggest wine visitor centre in Europe which was awarded the national prize for wine tourism in 2010 and welcomes 100 000 visitors a year.

The EPE ECCE Europe conference is the largest in its field, attracting experts from around the world to take part in the discussions every year. The conference brings together researchers, engineers, and all those working at the forefront of power electronics technologies to exchange and meet fellow professionals and academics. The EPE ECCE Europe conference is one of the best examples of this type of event where the future role of power electronics in this ecological revolution will be explored. Numerous topics will be discussed during EPE ECCE Europe Lyon 2020, not only in the lecture and poster sessions of the conferences but also during the exhibition, industrial forums and tutorials… 

Power electronics are at the heart of energy transition. They constitute critical elements in the drive towards a new greener economic and social model; a model of sustainable development that reinvents our way of consuming, producing, working, and living together to meet the major environmental challenges that we now face. Advanced power electronics designed to increase energy savings, reduce our carbon footprint and integrate smart digital analysis will boost renewable energy integration, sustainable mobility and energy-efficient buildings.

Here in France, bringing about energy transition is at the heart of the country’s objectives. During these 4 conference days, we can share our ideas on how to make this objective a reality by discussing key issues surrounding power electronics.

Finally I would like to encourage you to take advantage of Lyon’s fine culinary culture while you are with us and if you are lucky enough to be staying on in the region after your visit to Lyon, there is plenty to explore in this beautiful mountainous region.

The local organising committee and I look forward to welcoming you to Lyon and we are sure you will enjoy your stay.