Industrial forums will be organised on Friday 11 September 2020

EPE ECCE Europe conference brings together researchers, engineers, etc. working at the forefront of power electronics technologies. With the objective to exchange and meet fellow professionals and academics  and on top of the tutorials, lecture and dialogue sessions, the organising committees will propose several discussion sessions within the industrial forums.

10:15 – 12:05 | Hardware-in-the-loop demonstration of non-selective protection systems for meshed HVDC grids 

This session shows the results of a Hardware-in-the-loop demonstration of non-selective protection systems for meshed HVDC grids which was performed within PROMOTioN Project.

The objective of the WP9 of PROMOTioN project is to demonstrate operation of the DC grid protection systems developed in the project using hardware in the loop real-time methods and in which a plurality of protection methods (or strategies) are tested: A Non-selective fault clearing strategies demonstration tests are carried out at the SuperGrid Institute (France), including Converter Breaker Strategy (CBS) and Full-Bridge MMC-based Strategy (FBS). During this session, live demonstration with pedagogic explanations and video sequences will be provided to restore the different elements of the validation: supervised start-up of the MTDC, fault-clearing strategies, and voltage and power restoration. Also in this session, you will have the opportunity to exchange and ask questions to the PROMOTioN project members.

13:00 – 15:00 | Novel power electronics technologies in power systems and transportation

This session which is proposed by SuperGrid Institute will discuss how Power systems and transportation are changing with a significant contribution of power electronics. The power electronics converters are expected to be efficient, reliable and cost effective. The innovations in the domain are ranging from grid architectures, converter topologies and converter technologies. This session will provide some insights from the industry perspective through several presentations and a panel discussion. The session will give the opportunity for the power electronics community to exchange on the experience of the innovative industrial companies such as: Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (France), ABB Power Grids Research (Sweden), Alstom (France), Siemens AG – Corporate Technology – Power Electronic Systems (Germany), Schneider Electric-Power Systems Center (France) and General Electric – Power Conversion (UK) and in different areas : Role of power electronics in future power grids and these power network will evolve, Energy management in railways system, DC grids application fields and new structures/topologies in PV power plants.

15:30 – 17:30 | EMT-studies roadmap to tackle upcoming power transmission challenges at utilities – RTE, TransnetBW and Equinor

This session will discuss modelling, simulation and studies within R&D activities of TSOs of power systems with more share of power electronic based equipment such as HVDC links, static VAR compensators and wind power plants. The French TSO (Transmission System Operator) RTE has considered electromagnetic transient (EMT) tools which offer detailed modelling HV components and controls while maintaining a good compromise between robustness, accuracy, and flexibility. EMT simulation can be performed in offline and in real-time mode to meet different study objectives.  This session will provide an overview on interaction assessment related to VSC-HVDC links and practical experiences for real HVDC projects will be also presented. You will be able to exchange and ask questions to expert from RTE, TransnetBW and Equinor in subjects such as : Interaction studies between HVDC-LCC and HVDC-VSC links, Parallel connection of 2 HVDC-VSC links in an islanded grid, Interoperability of multivendor HVDC Systems and Usage of EMT tools during different project phases.