Author's Kit 2020

Important REMARK:
Due to the uncertain times we’re living in, only the guidelines on how to write your paper are available at this moment.
All guidelines regarding the use of IEEE PDF eXpress, how to register for the EPE’20 ECCE Europe Conference and how to transfer your full paper to the conference organisers will be published at a later moment.

This page will help you to prepare and submit your full paper for the EPE 2020 ECCE Europe Conference.

Step 1: Write your EPE 2020 ECCE Europe Paper

Formatting Instructions for the EPE 2020 ECCE Europe Proceedings:

Main Title: TIMES NEW ROMAN 14 Bold
Centered Spacing: 6pt before, 18 pt after

City, Country
Telephone number / Fax number
E-Mail address
URL (if any)
(Author Information: TIMES NEW ROMAN 12pt Centered)
(If there are multiple authors from different companies / institutions: put the addresses next to each other)

  1. General Information

The authors should write the paper on one column only!

  1. Acknowledgements (optional)

The acknowledgements directly follow the author information (TIMES NEW ROMAN 11pt)

  1. Keywords

Please insert the keyword-list for your document (seperated with « ». Keywords are limited to the attached list: CLICK HERE)

  1. Abstract

Start the abstract on this page, below the keywords. Body text: TIMES NEW ROMAN 11pt.
Type Abstract (First Level head style), then the body of your text with a maximum of 20 lines.

  1. Margins

Set your top, left, right and bottom margin to 2,5 cm.

  1. Styles

First-Level Heads (Style Header 1)
First-level heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 14 points Bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before are set to 12, spaces after to 6.
First-level heads should not be more than 1 line.

Second-level Heads
Second-level heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 point Bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before and after are set to 6.
Second-level heads should not be more than 1 line.

Third-level Heads
Third-level Heads are TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 point Bold, in upper and lower case.
Spaces before and after are set to 6.

Normal style
Normal style is TIMES NEW ROMAN 11 points.

  1. Lists
  • To format bullet lists, use the style « Bullets 1 »
    • For multi-level bulleted lists, use normal indentation

To format numbered lists, use the style « numbers ».

  1. Single space each item
  2. For numerals, use English standards
  1. Equations

For equations, use the style Equations: Normal with 0,4 Inch (1cm) left indent.
In equations, you can mix TIMES and SYMBOL fonts (11 points).
You can also use the MS-EQUATION (v. 2 or higher) format or MathType format.
The equations need to be numbered successively on the right hand side of the page.

  1. References

References are in TIMES 10 pt. Space before and after must be set to 3 points.
Entries in reference lists are numbered and correspond to text citations.
They precede punctuation within square brackets: ex.: [1]
Do not use superscript to preserve legibility.

For example:
[1] Vanderkeyn Ralf W.: Example of fast switching component, EPE Journal Vol. 20 no 5, pp. 48-56
[2] Deboe B.D.: A novel type of grid converter, EPE 2011, paper 0321
[3] Perret F.: Development of GaN diodes for high voltage applications, EPE Journal Vol. 19 no 6, pp. 63-72

  1. Figures and tables

Figures must be numbered as referred to in the text. They must have an explicit caption (normal style).

Fig. 1: Typical figure caption

Tables will have a title (Second-level Heads) and be numbered using Roman numerals.

(ex.: Table I, Table II, …)

EPE 2020 ECCE Europe: Author’s Kit – Downloads: