Virtual visit
The Ampère house

Description of the visit
The Ampère house is located at 15 km from center of Lyon in a very nice village with panoramic view on the valley of the Saône river.
It was here, that André-Marie Ampère grew up and that his scientific genius was fostered. 
A first section contains family mementos, recounting the life of Ampère and his family.
Then, you will experience the interactive discovery of the electricity and magnetism experiments designed by Ampère and the scientists of his time.
And finally, you will relive the scientific progress that marked the discovery of electricity, its properties and its many applications. Several hundred of electrical equipment are exhibited such as Ramsden electrostatic machine, Leyden Jar, Coulomb’s balance, Volta’s battery …
In 2020, it will be a special opportunity to honor the memory of the great scientist during the year of the bicentenary of electrodynamic:

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