Aims of the conference

The EPE ECCE Europe conference is the largest in its field, attracting experts from numerous different countries every year to join in the discussions. With the objective to exchange and meet fellow professionals and academics, the EPE ECCE Europe conference brings together researchers, engineers, etc. working at the forefront of power electronics technologies. For this type of event, where the future role of power electronics in this ecological revolution will be explored, the EPE ECCE Europe conference is one of the privileged places. There will be the opportunity to discuss a number of subjects during EPE ECCE Europe Lyon 2020, not only during the lecture and poster sessions of the conferences but also at the exhibition, industrial forums and tutorials…

Here in France, the effort to bring about energy transition is at the heart of the country’s objectives and during the 4 days of the conference, we can share our ideas on how to make this objective a reality by discussing key issues surrounding power electronics.

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