The technical visits will take place on Friday, 11 September 2020

Technical visit 1
CERDA & SuperGrid Institute

This visit includes two separate industrial companies and sites which are adjacent.

The transfer from one site to the other will be done by foot and will take two minutes at the most.

Technical visit 1a: CERDA – Villeurbanne

Description of the visit
The primary concern for utilities is to ensure high voltage grid reliability, efficiency, and security. CERDA Testing Laboratory is enabling manufacturers and end users to test their primary equipment with deep domain expertise and enormous testing facilities to develop enhanced high voltage products and certify their capabilities before market introductions. The very new installations allow to drive tests compliant with the new network requirements. The missions and capabilities of the new laboratories will be presented. A tour of the main facilities will be proposed.

PPE required and delivered by GE on site.

© CERDA Testing Laboratory

Technical visit 1b: SuperGrid Institute, an innovation & research centre for futur power grids

Description of the visit
SuperGrid Institute is an independent research and innovation centre, dedicated to the development of the future power transmission grids. One of the main focuses of our R&D is Power Electronics and Converters, covering innovative topologies and control systems which enable us to build highly efficient MVDC and HVDC power converters, notably for use in DC/DC conversion. Our mission is to facilitate the interconnection of renewable power resources and enable the transportation of energy on a very large scale.
During the visit you will have the opportunity to learn more about our Power Electronics activities and will discover three of our test labs including: the Power Electronics & Converter lab, Power Hardware-In-the-Loop test platform and the High Voltage dielectric test lab.
PPE required and delivered by SuperGrid Institute on site


© SuperGrid Institute

Technical visit 2
RTE (Réseau de transport d’électricité) & HVDC studies center

Description of the visit
RTE is the French Transmission System Operator(TSO). Its technical training center is located in Lyon area. Each year, about 3500 employees come here to learn and train in real conditions in this unique place in France, with life-size educational equipments.
In few months, it will become a real Campus, with 24.000m2 more of offices and technical spaces. It will welcome from 2021 about 7000 employees per year in training, and will house the RTE expertise teams in charge of digital protection & automation power grid as well as HVDC & power electronics excellence team. It will be the most important European Campus dedicated to training and innovative R&D for TSO activities.
 We suggest you to discover this place, with a three communications tour of 30 minutes each, to learn more about RTE and its PE implication:

  • Real time simulation lab for power electronics, with HVDC I&C replicas of power underground lines between France and Italy or UK
  • Technical hall which house many HV equipments like GIS (gas insulated substation), circuit breakers, disconnectors, busbar, power transformer, … for maintenance training
  • Life-size HV substation for technical & safety training

Mandatory helmet will be given for technical hall and substation visit ; please avoid high heel shoes.



Technical visit 3
The Ampère house

Description of the visit
The Ampère house is located at 15 km from center of Lyon in a very nice village with panoramic view on the valley of the Saône river.
It was here, that André-Marie Ampère grew up and that his scientific genius was fostered. 
A first section contains family mementos, recounting the life of Ampère and his family.
Then, you will experience the interactive discovery of the electricity and magnetism experiments designed by Ampère and the scientists of his time.
And finally, you will relive the scientific progress that marked the discovery of electricity, its properties and its many applications. Several hundred of electrical equipment are exhibited such as Ramsden electrostatic machine, Leyden Jar, Coulomb’s balance, Volta’s battery …
In 2020, it will be a special opportunity to honor the memory of the great scientist during the year of the bicentenary of electrodynamic:

© Ampère house – Room Kelvin