The technical visits will take place on Friday, 6 September 2019

Technical visit 1: Phase Motion Control

Friday 6 September 2019, from 9.00 to 14.30

Description of the visit
Phase Motion Control specializes in all types of high performance PM motors and generators, from a few mm diameter to several meters. The visit will walk through all phases of high performance electronic motor manufacturing and testing and high energy magnet handling. A separate department is devoted to power electronics and high power charging systems for EVs, with a short walk through the manufacture of  HPC charging stations with built in high energy Li-ion batteries.

At 12.00 am the company will offer a light lunch to the participants

Maximum number of participants: 50

DEPARTURE: The group for Technical Visit 1 will depart from Piazza Caricamento Genova at 09:00

Technical visit 2: IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)

Friday 6 September 2019, from 8.30 to 12.30

Description of the visit
Graphene Lab and Smart Materials; coming by bus we can also go quickly to the San Quirico Headquarters and also visit the iCub Facility.
The mission of the IIT Graphene Labs (G@IIT),, is to develop two dimensional (2D) crystals,both for exploring fundamental phenomena and for conceiving their application in technological solutions. The G@IIT strategic plan is developing within the ten-year European Fet-flagship initiative Graphene, starting in 2013 and involving IIT researchers in different fields of activity, such as material production, energy generation and storage, health and biomedical applications, optoelectronics.
Graphene Labs give strong emphasis to Technology transfer and dissemination by bridging contacts with different stakeholders.

The group of Smart Materials,, is based at the central research facility of IIT in Genova. The research of the group deals with the development of new composite materials combining various polymers and changing their properties by introducing nanofillers or organic molecules in the matrices. They work on both the control of the chemistry and of the structure of the materials we develop, in order to achieve precise properties adjusted to the needs of various application fields. Since polymers are the main building blocks of the materials they we fabricate, they have intensified our efforts in using natural polymers principally of plant origin or biodegradable polymers, in order to develop new advanced composite materials with accurately modulated properties but at the same time with minimal environmental impact.

The iCub laboratory space,, hosts several research lines providing support on all aspects related to the robot design, modification, fabrication, programming and use in the daily research activities. Our skilled personnel consists of about 80 people, 60% of which involved in research, the remainder dedicated to engineering and administration. The laboratory presently sports four iCubs in different configurations as well as the machinery required to assemble, maintain and run the robots, measurement and calibration devices, and the ICT infrastructure.

Lunch is NOT included in this visit

Maximum number of participants: 20

DEPARTURE:The group for Technical Visit 2 will depart from Piazza Caricamento Genova at 08:30

Technical visit 3: ASG Superconductors - La Spezia Plant

Friday 6 September 2019, from 7.45 to 15.30

Description of the visit
ASG Headquarters, with administrative offices and four production bays covering 15,000 sq m, is located in Genoa, near the port, in a strategic position in north western Italy.
In 2010, after winning the international contract to build 10 superconducting coils for the ITER project, ASG began work on a new production facility in La Spezia, also in Liguria and close to the port, which was completed in less than 18 months.

The visit will take place in La Spezia plant.

The new ASG Superconductors production facility contains four bays, covers a total surface area of 25,000 sq m and is fitted with the new technology and logistics equipment needed to manufacture and handle large-scale components, like the superconducting coils for the ITER project now in production, which exceed 15 meters in length and weigh over one tons each.
The factory also has a clean area (controlled temperature and humidity areas complying with specific environment and air cleaning procedures) that covers 4,600 sq m and meets ISO Class 8 standards.
At the end of the visit the company will offer the participants to have lunch at the canteen.

Maximum number of participants: 20

DEPARTURE: The group for Technical Visit 3 will depart from Piazza Caricamento Genova at 07:45

Location of Piazza Caricamento in Genova