ABB is a pioneering technology leader in Power grids, Electrification Products, Industrial Automation, Robotics & Discrete Automation, Motion, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. Continuing a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization with two clear value propositions: bringing electricity from any power plant to any plug and automating industries from natural resources to finished products. As title partner in ABB Formula E, the fully electric international FIA motorsport class, ABB is pushing the boundaries of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees.

Comer S.r.l.

COMER is an Italian leading Manufacturer of special asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and generators, with 60 years of experience in this sector.
We produce low voltage motors and generators with high-performance for various industrial applications, some example in the following sectors:
Our facility has a modern operational structure, which includes a dedicated “Engineering & Customization Office” and a Factory provided with advanced equipment that allows to obtain a high quality product at competitive price.
The main features that can describe our Company: flexible, professional, reliable. The same philosophy we apply to manage our business, which has brought us to be internationally appreciated. 


Dewesoft proudly develops and produces data acquisition, test and measurement instruments that are used in the most advanced labs all over the world for developing rockets and satellites ensuring fast worldwide communication, new safer vehicles and products that are improving our everyday lives.


dSPACE is the leading provider of engineering tools for developing and testing mechatronic control systems. With a broad portfolio and cutting-edge technology for rapid control prototyping (RCP) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, dSPACE is in high demand as a development partner in the automotive industry, aerospace, and industrial automation. In the areas of power electronics and electromobility, dSPACE provides state-of-the-art FPGA technology as well as preconfigured simulation models, including the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) based on Simulink®, and FPGA modeling toolkits based on Xilinx® System Generator (XSG). Generic approaches using topology-based implementations are also available (dSPACE Electrical Power Systems Simulation Package), as well as electronic load modules for testing power electronics systems at full power.

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V.

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics is an industry-driven research network in the field of Power Electronics. In the meantime, the network comprises more than 90 Member Companies. Furthermore, nearly 100 European universities and research institutes are integrated in the network as so-called Competence Centres. The focus of ECPE activities is on pre-competitive research, education and advanced training as well as public relations for power electronics in Europe.

EGSTON Power Electronics 

Austrian-based EGSTON Power Electronics offers a revolutionary Digital Power Amplifier System for P-HIL applications. This system offers a bandwidth of 5kHz and can generate harmonics of up to 15kHz with a power of up to several megawatt. It can be used as an AC source/sink, DC source/sink, smart grid, aerospace, PV-panel, battery or electrical machine emulator.


Eurocontrol SPA is a privately-owned company based in Genoa, Italy.
Employing a staff of more that 50, mostly engineers and qualified technicians, it has the expertise and the infrastructure to design, develop and manufacture systems and subsystems for various Defense applications, mainly naval.
The systems developed by EC comply fully with EMI/EMC, shock, noise, vibration, environmental requirements. 
Eurocontrol designs electrical and mechanical projected power and control systems, such as static converters and inverters, remote operating consoles, variable speed drives, UPS, battery chargers, motor starters, EODs, stabilized platforms and special electric motors. 
Eurocontrol is certified ISO 9001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18000: 2007, ISO 14001: 2015 and is Export Regulation Compliant.


Hioki, a leading developer & supplier of advanced test equipment, will showcase world-class technology that aligns with the future of power electronics.

IEEE Power Electronics Society

The IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) facilitates  and guides the development and innovation in power electronics technology. PELS drives innovation through a number of initiatives, the International Technology Roadmap for Wideband Gap Semi-conductors (ITRW), Empower a Billion Lives Global Competition, and The Cyber-Physical Security Initiative.


Imec is the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology.
As a trusted partner for companies, start-ups and academia we bring together brilliant minds from all over the world in a creative and stimulating environment.
By leveraging our world-class infrastructure and local and global ecosystem of diverse expert partners across a multitude of industries, we accelerate progress towards a connected, sustainable future.

imec’s unique GaN-on-SOI process provides full isolation between power devices, drivers, control and protection circuits.
This enables the manufacturing of complex GaN ICs. In addition to accommodating smaller form factor

GaN-IC MPW Service:
– To make GaN-on-SOI devices and circuits more affordable and easily available to its customers, imec offers a Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) service.
– In this MPW model, mask, processing and engineering costs are shared across multiple customer designs, typically delivering prototyping runs of 20 samples dies.
– For even larger quantities, dedicated mask runs can also be requested which return approximately 12 x 200 mm/8-inch wafers.
– For even larger productions runs, we offer the possibility of engaging with external manufacturing partners.


Imperix is a Swiss company developing high-end control equipment and prototyping hardware for power electronics, drives, smart grids and related topics. Its products are designed to enable cutting-edge innovation in corporate and academic environments. They are especially valued for their ability to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high quality experimental results.
The company also offers various levels of integration services, intended to assist its customers in their prototyping activities. As such, its offering ranges from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software, to that of fully customized systems involving specialized control software algorithms. 
For more information, visit

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) is a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s solutions optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in networks and cloud environments. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics end markets. Keysight generated revenues of $3.9B in fiscal year 2018. More information is available at

Additional information about Keysight Technologies is available in the newsroom at and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


MathWorks is the developer of MATLAB and Simulink, the leading software for engineers modeling and developing embedded software for controlling the power electronics at the heart of renewable energy and power transmission, efficient motor control, and electric vehicle powertrains.


MeasureIT advises and supplies National Instruments platform, sensors and application software to build RCP and HIL solutions for power electronics systems, with a focus on measurements and high performance computing, targeted for industrial and research applications


Mersen provides power management solutions in the field of overcurrent protections, air & water cooling, busbar connections and power capacitors.
In order to address the increase of both DC voltage and current ratings in hybrid or full electric battery-powered marine applications, Mersen has developed a complete range of DC fuses, hybrid pyro-based protections and resettable DC power relays, specifically developed to match these new requirements, up to 1,500Vdc. These solutions offer a robust and reliable electric protection to manage possible overloads and short-circuits, with a full coverage of any fault condition management for ultimate safety of both passengers and power equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. V.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors. The company offers a wide range of products, which covers a broad spectrum of application fields, including power transmission and distribution, railway, renewable energy, motor control, automotive, uninterruptible power supplies, medical technology, elevators, welding engineering, home appliances and pumps.

Mont-Ele srl

Since 1972 MONT-ELE SRL is a leader firm in developing electric, electromechanical, electronic and automation systems for the energy, transport, industry and environment sectors.
The pursuit of excellence pushed us to offer a complete service including: engineering, construction, commissioning, assistance and maintenance.
The Power Conversion Division of MONT-ELE SRL is focused on the design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and testing of high power electronic converters (rectifiers, inverters, choppers, frequency converters, etc.) and power stacks for the following applications:
– Electrical Substations for Railway/Metro Electrification Systems
– Railway/Metro Traction
– Industry
– Metal Plating
– Aluminum Electrolysis 
– Energy Recovery & Storage Systems
– On-Shore Power Supply Systems (High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) Systems)
– Renewable Energies
– Special Equipments for Research Laboratories (Nuclear Fusion, etc.)
Our solutions bring us all over the world to supply safe energy and power to millions of people every day.

MUECAP GmbH – ICEL s.r.l.

MUECAP is a german (Munich-based) distributor, specialized on passive components for power electronics coming from France and Italy. We can offer an application-orientated design-in service. A major focus is on railway applications where we can follow the specific requirements, either with standard or with custom adapted parts. Main products are capacitors, resistors and Bus Bars.


Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS), the commercial platform of the Nidec Group, offers complete electrical systems and brings together the products and services of Nidec ASI (formerly Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali), Avtron Industrial Automation, Nidec Industrial Automation and Motortecnica. It offers customised solutions throughout the world for a wide range of industrial applications. Its reference markets are the petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy, steel, naval and industrial automation markets. The multinational is specialised in heavy duty applications in which high power and high performance are key: electric motors and generators up to 65 MW of power (87,000 HP); power electronics inverters and converters; automation and software for industrial processes; retrofitting of power plants and hydroelectric generators; integrated systems for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources and their stabilisation in connecting to the national grid.

OCEM Power Electronics

OCEM is a leading company in power electronics for scientific and industrial research, with a flexible customer- oriented approach and main commitment in Plasma physics, Particle accelerators, Superconductivity, Radio Frequency Systems, Transportation, Food processing and Medical Particle Therapy.


OMICRON Lab is a division of OMICRON electronics, specialized in providing Smart Measurement Solutions to professionals such as scientists, engineers and teachers engaged in the field of electronics. It simplifies measurement tasks and provides its customers with more time to focus on their real business. OMICRON Lab was established in 2006 and is meanwhile serving customers in more than 50 countries.


OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES is the leading provider of open Real-Time Digital Simulators to design, test and validate complex controls for electrical, electro-mechanical and power electronic systems. OPAL-RT simulators are used by engineers and researchers at leading manufacturers, utilities, universities and research centres around the world.

PCIM Europe

PCIM Europe is the international leading exhibition and conference for power electronics and its fields of application. Industry experts amongst others from industrial and automotive electronics, focus on this specialist field. The exhibition covers the entire supply chain: from the component up to drive electronics, packaging and the final intelli­gent system.


Power Electronic Measurements designs and manufacturers Rogowski current transducers for measuring ac currents ranging from a few amps to hundreds of kA at frequencies from less than 1Hz to several MHz.

Phase Motion Control S.p.A.

Phase Motion Control S.p.a. is a technology Company, specialized in Energy and Motion Control through the development of innovative power electronics and electromechanical solutions.
The strategy of the Company is based on the development of the highest performance devices through interdisciplinary, integrated competence in electronics, electromechanics, and mechanics, taking advantage of the latest developments in control electronics and new materials, both magnetic and conductive.
The competitive advantage of Phase is focused on its constant innovation. The R&D team of Phase is their most important asset and cost. The Phase R&D team introduces in average 3 to 4 new motor or system designs every month.


Plexim develops and markets the simulation software PLECS and the RT Box for HIL/RCP.


POSEICO SPA was founded in 2001 as the Management Buy Out from the former Semi-conductors Department of Ansaldo Trasporti that started its production of high power semiconductors in 1970. In a later stage, a development plan aimed at diversify its activities in different sectors has been defined, transforming Poseico into a global provider of products and services that can assist its clients in a widerange of sectors such as Energy, Transport, Infrastructure, Dams, Water Resources, Mining, Industry, Research, Electrical and Mechanical Systems.
POSEICO SPA activity is dedicated to research, design, manufacturing and trade of high power semiconductors (diodes, thyristors, GTOs, PPIGBTs ); accessories (heatsink, gate lead, etc) and to design, manufacture, trade and maintenance of power electronic converter including power assemblies and traction rectifiers.
POSEICO SPA policy is to continue developing new products with better perfomances, prices and services to cover as many applications as possible.

Power Design Technologies

POWER DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES is an electrical engineering software publisher specialized in power electronics. Our software PowerForge is a powerful solution for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs. Thanks to multidisciplinary integration, PowerForge empowers development teams with a unique tool for designing lighter, smaller and more efficient converters in record time.
POWER DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES was founded as a spin-off company of the Laplace Laboratory, a mixed research unit of CNRS, INP Toulouse, and the Paul Sabatier University, in 2016 in Toulouse, France.

Powersys Solutions

Powersys is a worldwide engineering software and services company providing global solutions for electrification at industry, research and education involved in Electrical Vehicle and Grid applications.
By a combination of the best relevant software on the market and our skill staff engineers, we offer to local and global clients the most flexible solution for studies applicable to:

  • Electrical powers systems and networks (transmission, distribution, generation, industrial & renewable energy plants)
  • Power electronics at component level (controllers, converters)
  • Power electronics at system level (motor drive systems, wire harness, in-vehicle and avionics network)
  • Electromagnetics (motor, generator, transformer, actuator)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Our headquarter is based in the South of France and we have local offices in the USA (California & Michigan), Canada, India (Chennai & Bangalore), and Germany.

PSCAD – MHI – Manitoba Hydro International

MHI provides innovative solutions to help our customers in the energy and telecommunications sectors. As a strong and diversified centre of innovation, MHI operates right across the electricity market — from generation, through transmission and distribution, to the end user. For over 30 years, we have provided leading-edge services and products to our clients in over 120 countries around the world.

RGM S.p.A.

RGM develops, manufactures and sells CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR POWER ELECTRONICS for worldwide leading companies since 1986:

  • AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC power supplies for medical and industrial applications
  • Railway power converters and battery chargers
  • Power controller and converter systems for e -mobility applications
  • Electric/hybrid vehicle propulsion systems and energy storage 

Rohde & Schwarz

Test and measurement: Rohde & Schwarz is a market-leading supplier for mobile & wireless communication, automotive, aerospace & defense, plus additional electronic industry segments. Our solutions include testing components, modules and devices during design, development, and production, and for regulatory compliance.

Serigroup srl

Serigroup produces substrates dedicated to power electronics application.
Our production, UL listed, includes very high Cu printed circuit boards up to 1.000 µm Cu thickness, made as FR4 ds and mlb, IMS, IMB, flex and rigid flex.
Special solutions are proposed for sinter and bonding technologies such as for thermal management applied directly on board by us.
Our production is 100% made in Italy by our facility located in Alpago, 75 kms north of Venice.


Speedgoat provides the most effective path to innovate and prove new ideas on controls, test automation, DSP, vision, and HIL simulation using Model-Based Design; by offering modular hardware, easy-to-use Simulink Real-Time™ workflow integration, and responsive support. Our solutions connect Simulink® directly to your hardware via automatically-generated C code and HDL code.


TowerJazz  specializes in manufacturing analog ICs for more than 300 customers worldwide in growing markets, offering SiGe, BiCMOS, Power and Mixed-Signal/CMOS, RF CMOS, CMOS image sensor, and MEMS technologies. TowerJazz also offers design enablement and process transfer services and operates seven manufacturing facilities in Israel, the US and Japan.

Typhoon HIL Inc.

Typhoon HIL Inc. is  the market and technology leader in the rapidly-growing field of ultra-high-fidelity controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) simulation for power electronics, microgrids, and distribution networks. We provide industry-proven, vertically integrated test solutions along with highest-quality customer support. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has been creating products distinguished by the ultimate ease of use, unrivaled performance, leading-edge technology, and affordability.

University of Genoa

The University of Genoa offers over 120 degree courses in 11 fields of study distributed over 6 different cities. Many courses and teaching units are taught in foreign language, mainly in English. Students may find here great opportunities, competitive undergraduate and graduate programmes and academic excellence. The University provides student handbooks, guidance services and tutorship to help you with your choice.

United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC)

United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) serves as the innovation hub of United Technologies (UTC)—developing new technologies and facilitating the transfer of technology and capabilities across the company. UTRC has a global presence, with centers in Berkeley, East Hartford, Ireland, Italy and China.
Founded in Cork in 2010 as ‘United Technologies Research Centre Ireland, Limited’, UTRC Ireland focuses on aerospace systems, featuring the following core capabilities:

  • Control and Decision Support
  • Networks & Embedded Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Assurance
  • Power Electronics

 The Power Electronics team develops in close collaboration with UTC business units, new technologies in the field of power electronics and motor drives applied to current aerospace products, as well as emerging needs for more electric aircraft. Current areas of focus include:

  • Design of lightweight and compact power converters and drives
  • Control of power converters, drives and actuators
  • Modelling and design of electrical power distribution architectures.

Yokogawa Europe

Yokogawa has been developing measurement solutions for 100 years, consistently finding new ways to give R&D teams the tools they need to gain the best insights from their measurement strategies. The company has pioneered accurate power measurement throughout its history, and is the market leader in digital power analysers.Yokogawa instruments are renowned for maintaining high levels of precision and for continuing to deliver value for far longer than the typical shelf-life of such equipment. “We believe that precise and effective measurement lies at the heart of successful innovation – and we focus our own R&D on providing the tools that researchers and engineers need to address challenges great and small.” Meet our precision makers at

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems GmbH is the sole high-tech company world-wide exclusively dedicated to high-precision power analysis. For more than three decades, power analyzers have been devised, developed, manufactured and sold to customers around the globe from ZES ZIMMER’s corporate headquarter in Oberursel (Frankfurt)/Germany.


Zurich Instruments is a manufacturer of test & measurement equipment for advanced research & development applications. The instruments use LabOne® control software that sets a benchmark for efficient instrumentation control and a good user experience. This progressive approach reduces the complexity of laboratory setups, removes sources of problems and supports new measurement strategies that accelerate the progress of research. Zurich Instruments’ portfolio comprises lock-in amplifiers, arbitrary waveform generators, impedance analyzers, quantum computing control systems, phase-locked loops and boxcar averagers.