Guidelines for the Preparation of the DIALOGUE SESSION Presentations [Poster(s)]

So you are going to present a paper at the EPE’19 ECCE Europe-Conference in Genova…

… Congratulations! In the European professional power electronics world it is considered an honour to have a paper accepted by the international selection committee for presentation at the 21st European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications.

… and good luck, since you are, of course, eager to get your ideas across to your colleagues arriving from more than 40 countries, and who are prepared to learn from your experience. The dialogue presentation is well suited for a prolonged discussion of specialists at your poster panel.

The policy of the EPE Association is for lecture and dialogue sessions to be of equal value!

1 – Your Dialogue Presentation [ Poster(s) ]

Although your uploaded paper will be included in the Conference Publication, the dialogue session is your great opportunity to present your work directly to other participants and to discuss it with them.

Try to attract the participants to your stand. Unless they come to it, you cannot expect to have a discussion with them. The display should therefore be visually appealing and should contain the essence of your paper in a form, which is easy to understand.

For each dialogue presentation, the local organizers will prepare two poster panels side by side (see point 4). The sets will be numbered from number A 1.1 to F 9.4, as indicated in the final programme booklet. Therefore please keep in mind your panel number. The title of the presentation must be the same title as your published paper (with authors and affiliation). We’ll do our very best to group the posters by topic.

Your headlines should be visible from several meters away, so lettering should be large and clear. Your display should consist chiefly of keywords, diagrams, photographs etc … Colour photographs are particularly attractive in a display. Diagrams and graphs should have clear captions. All lettering should be easy to read. Normal typewritten or hand-written text is not allowed, but typewriting is acceptable if it is enlarged to 0.7 cm in height. All graphs and diagrams should be drawn with thick lines (preferably 1 mm or more in width). Use colour to emphasise important features. Photocopies of your typescript are not acceptable. You may also distribute information sheets. Those information sheets must be fastened directly at the board by means of your material (i.e. a fastened transparent envelope).

You are responsible for the printing of your posters!

Do not fold your posters! Bring them, rolled-up, in an appropriate container. Do not mail poster presentations in advance, they may not arrive in time. Bring them with you to the Conference. The Conference organizers will NOT accept deliveries of posters from the attendees. Please note that there will be no audio-visual equipment in the poster area.

The presentation of your poster panel is important. You are recommended to take as much care with it as you did in preparing your written paper. We recommend you to prepare one or two posters of the same size as recommended in point 4. To allow the session chairs to check the preparation of the sessions, please upload the content of your presentation (poster) as a *.pdf-file by going to:   →   Upload Presentation.

The size limit of your file is 6 MegaByte.

The last deadline to receive the presentations is Friday, the 16th of August 2019. 

2 – Display, Set-Up, Attendance and Removal Times

The dialogue sessions will take place in the Exhibition areas.

The poster sessions will take place on:

  • Tuesday 3 September: 14:00 – 17:20
  • Wednesday 4 September: 14:00 – 17:20
  • Thursday 5 September: 14:00 – 17:20

No lecture sessions will take place in parallel and (one of) the presenting author(s) should attend the poster panel throughout this time.

The poster numbers are indicated in the programme. Authors are requested to place their poster on the relevant board before lunchtime on the day of their presentation.  Posters should be removed after the dialogue session has ended.

The poster boards will be white boards. Sticking materials will be provided by the local team for hanging the posters.


3 – Checking your presentation

If your dialogue paper has been prepared by several authors, please make it clear which author will attend the Dialogue Session to discuss the display with the participants using a presentation advice note.

Please make sure that the presenter has made himself known on the host of the conference:   →  I will be a speaker

An author should be present in person at the dialogue session, otherwise his paper will not be discussed and will not be uploaded into the IEEE Xplore database.

4 – Equipment

The following equipment will be provided for your dialogue display:

a) A dialogue set with 2 panels in a V-shape.

Each panel is 95 cm x 236 cm and therefore has a usable area of 90 cm x 120 cm per panel.

Your poster(s) therefore should not be bigger than 90 cm wide * 120 cm high.

The poster(s) (part A and/or part B) can also be combined from several smaller sheets using the same area of the poster panel.

Please avoid the use of copied pages of your written paper!


b) Sticking material for attaching your posters to the panels

The permitted sticking materials will be provided by the local team.

Any additional material for the dialogue set up and display must be provided by the authors (envelopes for information sheets, pens, etc.).


EPE’19 ECCE Europe Local Secretariat:

University of Genova – DITEN
Massimiliano Passalacqua
Via all’Opera Pia 11A
IT – 16145 Genova
Phone: +39 3481068273


EPE Association:

C/o Vrije Universiteit Brussel – IrW – ETEC
Philippe Hamacher
Pleinlaan 2, Boulevard de la Pleine
BE – 1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)470 65 79 90