The technical visits will take place on Friday, 6 September 2019.

More details and practical details will be published on this page soon.

Technical Visit 1

Phase and Motion Control S.p.A. – Genova

Phase and Motion Control S.p.A. is a company leading in innovation in Dynamic Motion, Torque and Position Control for Automation:
e.g. extra high torque density motor, high efficiency, high power density submersible pm motors for under water propulsion, etc…

Technical Visit 2

IIT – The Italian Institute of Technology – Genova

A tour in the Italian Institute of Technology, presenting Robotics, Nanomaterials, Lifetech, Computational Sciences, etc…

Technical Visit 3

ASG Superconductors S.p.A.

Design, development, production, installation and testing of superconductive and resistive magnetic systems, cryogenic systems, resonance cavities, superconducting solenoids and coils, magnets for cyclotrons and components for made-to-measure applications, from design to production to the complete test of systems and magnets.

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